v1.0 — 6th Sept. 2019


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will expand the rights of users to control how their personal data is been collected and processed.

Data Privacy and GDPR

Disha is committed to complying with laws generally applicable to personal data and the provision of the services in the jurisdiction where the personal data is processed and the GDPR for its service.

Our Privacy Policy describes how Disha handles the personal information we collect about you. Personal information includes your name, email address and credit card detail that you provide when you try to login to our site or pay for our PRO services.

As the data processor, we promise to:

  • Keep your data safe, secure, and private
  • Disclose our sub-processors and monitor their GDPR compliance
  • Keep records of compliance and audit logs as required
  • Make available tools to handle data subject requests, such as right-to-erasure and right-to-access
  • Notify you of a security breach using your account notification contact


Disha uses a range of third-party processors and subprocessors to assist us in connection with the services that we provide.

If you have any questions or comments about the manner in which we collect, store, or use your personal information, kindly send us a mail on hello@disha.ng or visit this page on our website – community.disha.ng

Exercise your GDPR rights

Send your GDPR request to us via the form below.